Saltspring Capital provides small business owners with an alternative liquidity option to a traditional sale. It's succession, solved.  


Our Mission

We invest in small businesses that have an established track-record of success, but whose shareholders are looking for liquidity options. Whether retirement, estate planning, or personal reasons, there are many circumstances to seek the optimal exit. Selling to a competitor or a traditional private equity fund can drastically change the future of the organization. Our goal is to preserve the existing values of a business while maximizing the shareholder's ability to retain the value they have created. We work with business owners to tailor a deal to their specific needs, and avoid the agency problem many business brokers have with their clients; they want you to do a deal that maximizes their value. Our best interest is your best interest.   

Investment criteria

Business Characteristics

  • $10 - $30 million in Annual Revenue
  • $1 - $5 million in Annual Cash Flow
  • Healthy, "Clean" balance sheet 
  • Established track-record of success
  • Business owners looking to transition away from day-to-day operations

Industry Focus

  • Niche Manufacturing
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Value-added Distribution
  • Outsourced business services
  • Others on an opportunistic basis